Principles and Practice of Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology: Principles of Management

Increased knowledge of genetic and epidemiological factors, refinement of the tools of diagnosis, greater understanding of clinico-pathological correlation, and advances in rehabilitation and reconstruction are just a few of the developments that have taken place in the study and treatment of head and neck cancer during the past two centuries. Written by a multidisciplinary panel of experts, Principles and Practice of Head and Neck Oncology provides a broad, comprehensive, and balanced review of the current scientific knowledge and management of head and neck tumors. 

Taking a multidisciplinary approach, the book covers all aspects of treatment, from initial diagnostic procedures, through staging, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy to aftercare and rehabilitation. It explores the complexities of managing this very diverse group of diseases. The following sections review each of the major types of cancer: tumors of the upper airways and digestive tract (including the mouth, nasopharynx and larynx), and the skull base tumors, thyroid and salivary glands. The holistic approach, contributions from experts, and more than 500 illustrations, most in color, make the book an important resource for head and neck oncologists at every level.

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