Carranza's Clinical Periodontology

    Unsurpassed in its authority and scope, the 9th edition of the most widely used periodontics text has been revised to include the most up-to-date information on new technology and emerging concepts. Published for the first time in full-color, and containing a new section on evidence-based decision-making, new chapters, scores of new illustrations, and exclusive special features like Science Transfer information boxes, this edition reinforces its reputation as the text with the best coverage of periodontology available.
  • Comprehensive coverage provides readers with information on the entire spectrum of periodontics in a single volume
  • Unique approach combining evidence-based decision-making, science transfer, and classification/nomenclature gives readers an efficient and decisive introduction to material

Because the size is a little bit big then I split them into 3 pieces, please download each pieces :

1st part  : Download, Click Here ! 
3rd part       : Download, Click Here !

After download all the parts, you must download the software bellow to join them : 

After download the software, just click 'join' button there, then it would join themselves  :D


Download : Click Here !


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